At the Esra Lemmens Agency and as ambassadors of contemporary design, we always seek new and exciting ways to maximise designer’s potential and promote design across the globe.

Esra Lemmens

We offer comprehensive guidance to designers and their practices to perform what they do best, know best, in a most efficient way. By handling design consultancy, strategic design management solutions and public relation services, we pave the way for designers to realise their full potential as top-tier influential creatives worldwide. We use our in-depth knowledge and network to create an optimised environment that encourages designers and their practices to truly thrive.

We have developed customised strategies that bring clarity and definition to the designer’s work. We help convey a specific message to a particular group of people, whether in a conceptual or commercial setting.

At the Esra Lemmens Agency, we combine design principles to evoke a cultural and emotional reaction and connect it to what you are seeing and experiencing. We work together with designers, brands, cultural organisations and government entities to provide an audience with perfect deliverables both emotionally and physically. We build towards that important yet sometimes intangible emotion that fuels a designer’s work.