Design Communication and Public Relations

Design communication is more than just a set of strategies and tools. It is a mindset used to redefine the relationships between designers and the world. The media are savvy and hungry; it is now more critical than ever to nurture these relationships. All businesses need the trust of the public that they serve. A sound public image based on trust is a valuable asset to business operation and growth.

The reputation built around image influences day-to-day dealings with clients and has an impact on profitability and other long-term goals. In today's constantly changing world, fostering and maintaining good design communication and design management can be tricky and time-consuming.

Solid design communication minimises the time designers spend on marketing efforts in order for them to devote more of their energy to what they're most passionate about and focus on the art of creating.

Growth and diversification in different media landscapes have increased the need for tailored and specialised handling of a designer's key message. Each of these media outlets requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness, reputation enhancement and to build long-lasting relationships with current and potential clients.

We believe that talented designers at every level can foster impressive reputations for themselves through strategic and deliberate contacts with key industry stakeholders. We boast substantial expertise in all aspects of extensive public relations representation. This helps us deliver creative and focused press strategies to industry influencers through print, broadcast and digital media, so designers become notable and much-admired names across the nation. We accomplish this by combining a wide network of professional contacts and a masterfully crafted narrative grounded in social science.

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