Public Speaking

Innovation aspires leaders to manage by design, create and innovate with a sense of determination and anticipation. Esra is intentional in her collaborations, creative and a responsible visionary. She has ‘designed’ the way she leads and communicates.

Esra finds public speaking surprisingly satisfying. She thrives on the research necessary to challenge ongoing debates, the role of design and the overall industry. As a strategic thinker, she is very aware that the industry is predictable; visualising the future enhances the business structure in which design will flourish. Through this highly visible platform, Esra enables people to see beyond their individual niche, which is essential for successful collaboration. In turn, she understands that collaboration is essential for success.

Esra encourages a strong sense of community and is a firm believer in sharing knowledge. She receives insightful input from her audience, which again influences her own thinking. She says, “we live in a designed world, surrounded by objects, systems and processes that have been created by humans. Designers have the power to affect change through their work, influencing everyday life and shaping behaviours from the micro to the macro-level”.

Esra’s signature conversation provides support and guidance to explore our relationships with design, the designer’s ever-changing role, and its overarching potential for positive action for a world in constant flux. She nurtures independent thinking and encourages her audience to engage deeply with themselves and their environment. She provides strategic tools and insights to her audience to be curious and question their assumptions, interrogates systems of power, knowledge, and production.

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