Esra’s in-depth understanding of design thinking has led her to be an industry expert. She has moderated over 100 scripts that have become captivating design industry talks. The free-flowing discussions that follow amplify the importance of possessing high-level intelligence and knowledge and articulating responses in a focused and controlled manner. Esra is key to fostering lively debates which bring value to the audience.

Esra has a knack for combining meticulous preparation before the event with spontaneity and informed curiosity in the moment. Esra strikes a harmonious balance of ensuring the speakers are immediately comfortable with plentiful debate matter. Hence, the rhythm and tone are always relevant, interesting and perceptive.

David Ross, INDEX Events, once said of Esra, “you could set an atomic clock with her timekeeping. She is highly revered by everyone in the regional creative community. In short, Esra is an excellent chair and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

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