Esra has various design and business qualifications, including a degree as a Lecturer in Fine Arts and Design from the Maastricht Institute of Arts in the Netherlands.

Esra, since graduating, has presented many masterclasses for various universities across the world, covering topics such as ‘The Business of Design’, ‘The Designtrepreneur’, and ‘Design Empowerment’. She has presented to design students, emerging designers, established and the commercial environment, and people in business. Her masterclasses are accessible to individuals who aspire to deepen their knowledge and learn how to use tools and clear strategies to set them up for success. Esra shares engaging and personable insights into Esra Lemmens Agency design strategy services that she offers.

Esra is no stranger to the international talks and masterclass circuit. She has inspired people from around the world with her compelling views on contemporary design. Besides regular talks and masterclasses, her agency can also offer lectures and workshops for clients and their relations who are looking for fresh insights and perspectives. Esra believes in sharing her knowledge, which creates more reach and delivers exciting design messages to different audiences.

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