Esra Lemmens

Aside from being a business professional and author, Esra has a multi-faceted career that embraces the deliverance of regular lectures and masterclasses at prestigious design institutes with an international presence.

Esra’s immeasurable experience in the celebrated Dubai-centric design industry gives her the upper hand in terms of knowledge and her innate artistic sense. She carefully considers implementing new mindsets and approaches and understands how to empower designers to do their very best.

Esra makes a significant contribution through her strategic design management skills that seek to encourage contemporary designers all around the world. Her dedication towards being a source of motivation has instilled the ability to comprehensively discuss and intelligently conclude strategies.

As the author of the book ‘Conceptual Commercialism - Commercial Conceptualism,’’ Esra has gained reverence for the complex perspectives in design processes in her home country of the Netherlands, globally and now focusing on the Middle East. She now resides in the United Arab Emirates. Esra is a contemporary design director who has spearheaded numerous design ventures with some of the industry’s most applauded names. Her curiosity and exceptional knowledge allow her to debate different forms and content with ease. Her subject comprehension and commendable collaborations are beneficial to her position as moderator and advisor.

Esra is the extraordinary force behind her eponymous agency. Her clientele is a mixed and vibrant palette of designers with diverse principles, practices and mindsets. Esra is a dynamic and versatile figurehead of the complex design industry. Not only is she a prominent industry speaker, but her dialogue is also frequently published in leading periodicals all over the world.

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